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Sample Data - Customer Response

Sample Data - Country Car Sales

Sample Data - Neural Network



Predictive Analytics is the cornerstone of Analytics, and covers some of the most widely used and useful techniques. We discussed them in detail, specifically the following. 


Predictive Analytics serves two objectives - Inferences and Prediction, and the multitude of techniques can handle several type of problems. We would apply these techniques on following two Data sets.

  • Annual Car Sales in 136 Countries (Continuous Response)
  • Customer Response to a Marketing offer (Categorical Response) 


Customer Response refers to Customer willingness to buy a product, and the analysis would be based on several predictors like Age, Gender, Asset, Spending etc. The outcome is Yes and No kind of binary response. 


Country Car Sales, contains all numeric values for 136 countries, analyzing Annual sales of Car in a country based on its GDP, Population, Area and others. 


Please download the sample data and use Self Service Tool to apply different techniques on them. Apart from them Data Discovery, Detecting Anomalous Data etc. can also be applied on these data, as a precursor to use different Predictive Analytics techniques.  


Neural Network needs some pre-processing, especially Normalization. Hence Sample Data for Neural Network is normalized version of Country Car Sales data, and should be used for NNets.