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Basics and Linear Regression

Propensity Models (Logistic Regression)


R is an extremely popular and powerful programming and scripting language for Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. It is an open source tool, which is being continuously enriched by a very strong community of Statistics and Analytics researchers and experts. Its power also emanates from the fact that it is being actively supported by many organizations, and very well integrated with applications from SAP, Oracle, Apache Hadoop, Tableau and many others. 


Please download a specific Tutorial (Presentation), and learn through Open RStudio.   Please use "anallyz" as both user ID and password. 


Please do not try to install any package and read/write any files. Occasionally you may encounter "memory problem", after several sessions done by various users. 


Please clean-up the R Session as shown in the presentation, for the benefit of next user. In case of any query, please send an email to info@anallyz.com